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Meet usual time and place.

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Chris McKenzie (not verified)
I'm planning to ride tonight

It's snowing right now (Is it April?), but according to the the forecast it's supposed to clear up.

Chris M.

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Ron Thomson (not verified)

sorry about the snow.
It's all my fault - I swapped out my snow tires this week.

Hopefully see you tonight.

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carl (not verified)
message to Chris O'C

Chris, If you happen to be joining the ride tonight, bring the fleece vest. If not, we can make other arrangements.

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John Z (not verified)
Its Clearing Up (nm)
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John Z (not verified)
Good Ride

It is amazing the new discoveries even in familiar areas. One night we must arrange a Navy Yard tour.

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Ron Thomson (not verified)

"Aye, good ride.
I tried these Specialized Compound Pro tires for the first time and was very impressed. Had them pumped up to 80 psi. Fast and very nice on the cornering. Website claims they can go to 100 psi.
check em out.
The product page seems slow to load but it does eventually.

Specialized Compound Pro

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