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I'm a member of Rails-to-Trails, and I recently tried to find some trails suitable for mountain biking in our area by visiting their web site. Bad idea--the web site isn't that easy to use (they really could use a map of each state...we'll never mind). Anyway, someone in the NYCC has got to know a few trails withing driving distance; any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Carol (not verified)
Rails to Trails aren't mountain bike trails

RTC converts old rail lines into recreational trails. They are generally either paved or gravel and are relatively flat. I've ridden several on my road bike with size 23 tires.

There's another thread currently on this message board (within the past 2 days) that discusses mountain bike trails.

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April (not verified)
What are you looking for?

"Rail trail? Or mountain bike trails? As Carol pointed out, they aren't the same.

There's one very cool off-road trail easily reachable from the city, the Croton Aquaduct Trail. But it aren't a rail trail. It's an old aquaduct converted to off-road walking/biking trails. I rode it in my road bike with 25mm tires and wish I had at least a 35mm tire, which comes close to a ""mountain bike""!

The North and South county trails are probably the best known rail trails around here. They are NOT what I call mountain bike trails, though. They're basically paved (aka road) surface, but without cars. Lots of people ride mountain bikes on them. But then, people also ride mountain bikes on the road too!"

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Jay (not verified)
there's a new paved trail between Oak Tree Rd & Rte 303

Starts opposite Finn McCool's Tavern in Tappan and now ends across 303 from Lowe's. A new bridge spanning heavy trafficked 4 lane 303 just for bikes & peds(costing $3,000,000??) will be finished this spring and the trail will continue to Blauvelt in 2008. This connects with unpaved rail trails from Sparkill to Piermont, Grand View & Nyack. We will use this on some of my LoHud/West Bank B rides.

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