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I want to get a new cyclocomputer that includes a heart rate monitor so I can ride safely while pregnant. Does anyone have experience with these contraptions? Any favorites? How do the wireless models compare to the wired ones? Price is an option, but not as important as accuracy/performance.


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JP (not verified)

I’ve been using the Polar S710i (now the S720i ??) for several years and it is great.

It displays and records speed (current, average and max), distance, HR (current, average and max in bpm or %), altitude, temperature, calories, etc. It is wireless and a strong radar or other signal may interfere. But it is obvious (HR of 268 and speed of 68.3 ???) The software corrects these quickly. It has cadence and power but these are wired – if you want them.

It graphs each ride and shows your speeds, HRs and climbs-descents, time, # of exercises, HR zones, beats, time and %s in each zone, pace. I have found it quite accurate.

All the info is infrared downloaded to my computer in about 20 seconds and provides invaluable tools for training or seeing progress or plain old curiosity.

It has a fitness test, can do several separate exercise (bike, swim, run, etc.) and differentiate between bikes if you like.

The software is great and the support wonderful. I just bought new tires. I enter that fact on a the date I bought and in the future, just bring up the distance table, enter the date range – and I know how many miles I have on my tires. I can compare two versions of the same ride – one from February and another from April and see my HR effort decrease relative to my increasing speed – I watch my fitness improve.

Anyhow, it’s a great tool and toy. They run $275-300. Worth it.

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Chris (not verified)
HR Monitor

I have been using polar S150, been decently happy with it -- Polar has been around a long time and has always been reilable for me. I just got it and have not sussed out all it's functions yet.
retail $150 on sale at Nashbar.com for $79


I had a 10% off coupon code that may or may not still work --- CR212

Details at polar Site:

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Hector (not verified)
How much would you like to spend?

If you would like to review different heart rate monitors ranging from cheap to very expensive, then I suggest you go to www.roadbikereview.com. Here is the link:


Click on computers or heart rate monitors and read all of the reviews. Good luck.

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DvB (not verified)
Go Polar

Regardless of how cheap you want to go, go Polar. If the cheapest Polar is too expensive for you, wait a little longer and save more. I've tried several other brands (Timex and Nike, among others). Trust me: get a Polar.

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
Polar is not the only good HRM

"Neither Timex nor Nike is primarily a HRM maker. Sports Instruments is. I bought a Sports Instruments Pro 9 (just HRM, not cycle computer) on sale, and I'm quite satisfied with it. The manual is easy to read. The batteries can be replaced by the user, unlike Polar HRMs. I've yet to take the HRM outside on a ride, and may never do so, but I've used it in the gym, for the 6 or 7 times this winter that I was on the stationary bike or elliptical trainer.

Heart Rate Monitor Brands"

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Baruch (not verified)
Go Polar!

The s720i is a great machine and comes with great software.

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