The answer is "DOUGHNUT" (suggested)

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"The question is ""What do you call a pothole in the middle of a double paceline?""

On a single paceline, it's pretty straightforward if some calls out ""HOLE LEFT"" or "" HOLE RIGHT""

But (as a total effing newbie) on a double paceline, I can't tell who's calling what - and have precious little time to figure it out before I'm on top of the damn thing.

So the suggestion is to use the phrase ""DOUGHNUT"" as a euphemism for ""HOLE IN THE MIDDLE""."

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Mark Loftis (not verified)
hole middle

In a double paceline, “hole right” refers to a hole that is to the right of both pacelines and hole left refers to a hole that is to the left of both pacelines. A hole in the middle of a double paceline is called “hole middle.” If you’re riding on the right side of a double paceline you’re responsible for calling out “hole right” or “hole middle” but you shouldn’t ever call out “hole left” as that is the responsibility of the riders on the left side of the double paceline.

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Bill Vojtech (not verified)

I would hope that the riders on the front of the lines would look FAR down the road and move the lines around the hole well in advance, so that anyone following would be in no danger of falling in.

But maybe that's why I've given up on club pacelines.

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