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I've recently moved to NYC and I'm looking for a mountain biking buddy or group. I'm interested in beginner/intermediate rides with someone or a group who is also pretty laid back. Does anyone know of any groups or places I might look for a buddy? Or even a book or map I might buy to get familiar with rides near enough to NYC?

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carl (not verified)
mtn biking

There isn't much of a mtn biking culture in the city itself. I think the most active group is the Westchester Mtn Bike Assoc ( Many of the trails they ride, like Blue Mtn Park & Graham Hills, are easy to get to from Metro North RR.

CLIMB is a Long Island based group that concentrates on riding some surprisingly good trails like Bethpage and Stillwell Woods.

SCBC (Sound Cyclists) is a CT group that is mostly a road riding club, but they have a mtn bking sub-group. Most of their rides would require a car.

One of my favorite rides is to take the NJ transit train to Middletown, NJ, ride through Huber and Hartshorn Parks, and end up taking a spectacular ferry ride back from Atlantic Highlands. For more challenging riding many area mtn bikers head for Ringwood.

Now that I'm car-less for a year, I've really cut back on mtn biking, but would be happy to hook-up for a ride sometime.


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emily (not verified)
middletown details

the middletown ride sounds like a good one - can you post some more details (or is it mapped out somewhere)?


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carl (not verified)

A Hagstrom Monmouth County map can get you the routes from the Middletown train station to the first park - (Huber). Then there is another short road stretch to link up with the bigger Hartshorne Park. Both parks have signs with trail maps, and Hartshorn has paper maps you can take with you. You can also get more info on both parks at the trails review section of

P.S. On a warm summer day, it's easy to do some riding, then take a plunge in the ocean at nearby Sea Bright or Sandy Hook before taking the ferry back..

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April (not verified)

"Who say there's no mtb clubs in the city? ;o)

More over, there soon to be a mtn bike trail within Manhattan! (well, ""soon"" means 2 years, how many ""new york minute"" it that?)

But seriously though, all existing ""legal"" trails are outside the city limit. Still, many of them are reachable by train/ferry, if you hook up with someone who knows the way...


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carl (not verified)

I heard there was a park in S.I. that was recently opened to legal mtn biking. Is that true?

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