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Thanks Marci and Cyna for making a new member feel so welcome with the hostile stares this morning. You looked at me like I showed up to slash your tires. When I think I am worthy enough for your group, I'll be sure to come again to experience your wonderful attitude.

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af (not verified)
That's absolutely unfair.

Without any advance notice, you showed up at the last minute for the fifth ride of series for SIG grads and experienced group riders, without having previously participated, with a bike that is prohibited on group rides (aero bars) and with an earphone. Nobody in that group wanted to ride with you; it's risky enough as it is.

Marci and Cyna, like other group leaders, volunteer their time and effort to put these rides together, and assume a lot of responsibility while keeping the group interests at heart. Those who read and follow the information on this site about group rides, the SIGs and STS, and have the requisite experience and equipment are welcome on rides, but not if they disrespect others.

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Michael Casey (not verified)

Marci spent three hours at the hospital on Saturday after one of the riders on her STS crashed. She is one of the club's most dedicated and selfless volunteers, and she deserves better than anonymous attacks in a public forum.

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sage (not verified)
to Marci SIlverman and Cyna

I am writing as a follow up to Michael's email. Marci - after already riding about 70 miles (and leading the bulk of the way in head winds and rain) went by herself in the ambulance with one of the club riders to the hospital (in the bronx)after the crash, where she stayed for a few hours. And that is after three weeks ago when she and Peter (another club leader)- instead of doing the ride that week - in a rush drove me in a car out to a hospital in Long Island to get me to my mother who was in trama after getting critically hit by a car while jogging! Marci and Peter stayed with me in the hospital the whole time - even when the doctors pronounced my mother dead Marci was by my side. Marci is one of the most amazing people I know! And I want to thank her again for not only being there for me but for her and Cyna leading amazing club rides. We are very lucky to have such amazing people as volunteer leaders on our rides!

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Kara (not verified)

I am very sorry to hear about your mother. My thoughts are with you and your family.

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Chaim Caron (not verified)
Identify Yourself

I tried to resist but I must speak up.

Marci is one of the best ride leaders in the club. You really have a nerve showing up at the last minute without any knowledge of the club and its rules and customs and then publicly and harshly criticizing Marci and the club as if the world owes you something.

On top of that, you posted anonymously. Why don't you identify yourself? The only possible reason for posting anonymously is that you are ashamed of your position and don't want to be associated with it. It's a pity that you have such harsh public words for selfless volunteers who take on responsibility and give up their own valuable personal time for the great remuneration of $0.00 and yet you lack the integrity and conviction to back up your message by attaching your name to it.

I suggest you identify yourself and then perhaps, if you can behave civilly and respectfully, you might find a place in this club.

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Jay (not verified)
I strongly echo the sentiments of af & Michael Casey!!! (nm)
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Michael Russ (not verified)
To Marci Silverman and Cyna Alderman

As the rider who went down yesterday, I can't give enough praise to Marci, Hal, and everyone else (I am missing a bit of memory between the accident and the ambulance so forgive me if I couldn't name you!) who helped get me on an ambulance and got my bike transported back to Manhattan.

Waiting in an emergency room for several hours to keep company with someone who previously had come on only one of her rides and who was otherwise unknown to her was not only appreciated by me, but I think it went far beyond what a ride leader might be expected to do. Not only did Marci stay with me in the hospital, but she arranged for transportation home and accompanied me back to my building, thus giving up more of her time.

As this was my first accident of any kind in which I had to go to the hospital by ambulance, and while my injuries were not life threatening, it still was a relief to have someone with me, and I can't thank Marci and everyone else enough.

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EH (not verified)

OK, I am a reasonable person and here are observations:

1) I was not aware of the ride designations. I understand the position that a newcomer should be encouraged to start with another group. However, the way that the leaders handled it could have been better. Instead of the hostile response, they could have explained in a straightforward manner (as conveyed in earlier threads here, for example) the situation. Only Hal came over to explain in a decent manner.

2) Related to the above, I was under the impression that the NYCC is a social bike organization. I was taken aback by the incident.

3) Marci obviously sounds like a very caring person. I mean that. But how am I to know judging from my 3 minute interaction with her?

4) Did anybody really think that I intended to ride in the aero position, hands off the brakes, listening to my radio? C'mon...

5) Where does it say on the website that aero bars are prohibited? I'll take a closer look around the site, but if someone can direct me, I'd appreciate it.

Anyway, that's it. Time to move on.

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Chris Yerkes (not verified)
Aero bars and fun group rides

"Where aero bars are prohibited:

[Helmets mandatory; aerobars and ATBs are out. If you are still honing your group riding skills we urge you to join a SIG program and save the STS for next year. ]

[Leaders of STS series may turn away riders that they find lack skills and/or pose a threat to the safety of the group]


I highly encourage you to ride with us, and I don't think there was an intended hostility. Riders with aero bars, at first glance, just don't seem to be in the right place. [There are many rides that leave from the same place and by the 4 or 5th week, we usually know rides in our series]. This is my first year ever riding in NY and have been made to feel very welcome from the beginning. But I think it is a good/safe call to not allow aero bars in a group.

Take the bars off (I assumed your ipod would be put away in on a group ride). Then join us for a ride... the more the merrier... as long as one has a familiarity with group riding skills and will maintain the B17 pace (whether your legs want to go slower or faster). It is a good way to nice people you might not otherwise meet, with a common cycling interest.

1) Aero bars are very dargerous to ride in groups, unless you are in a Team Time Trial, with riders you are very familiar with, and even then it is unsafe.
2) The bars are more ""squirrelly"" and if there is a crash, or even bumping,
3) the bars are can pose a stabbing problems to other riders.

We ride as a group, and everyone (IMHO) has been very encouraging to each other. Keeping a decent pace and helping the tired people along with encouragement, food and an occational push. When I started many knew each other from previous rides, and I was welcomed into the ride seamingly easily, even though i was just about dead after the first ride.

Cheers to Marci and Cyna, and everyone (anyone) who would like to join us. Good group ride make riding so much more fun.

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another rider (not verified)
some thoughts...

I am sure you are a reasonable person, so perhaps next time you will consider contacting the ride leaders directly instead of posting your attack in this forum. Their emails are quite easily located in the ride listings and on the STS page.

In addition, it is unreasonable to expect that if you arrive just as a ride is about to depart that the leaders will be able to explain all about NYCC to you at the time. Hal is also a seasoned leader, and could do so while Marci & Cyna tended to the group (who had all arrived at 8:45 to be sure they could leave on time.)

As far as aerobars, as Chris explains below, whether or not you intend to use them, they are prohibited in STS rides.

That being said, I echo his sentiments -- the club is a great place filled with great people, and if you choose to join us you will see for yourself. Your choice, your loss if you opt otherwise. Ride safe.

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April (not verified)
One reasonably person to another

Some people have fear while other have not. ;o)

I have lots of fear, fear of accident, fear of rejection, fear of being dropped miles from home at unknown terrain...

So, whenever I show up for my first ride in a new club, or even groups at the top end of my pace, I make sure I arrive a little early, catch the ride leader to introduce myself. That way, I get to explain to him/her my riding ability, and the fact I'm NOT familiar with the area. So if I were to have machnaical, I don't get left on the roadside with no map or cue sheet. Plus, if there's any parculier idiocyncrocy of that particular ride I should be aware of (NOT to follow so-and-so because he'll bolt for home at the half way point, etc.)

Did you show up at the ride early enough so you got a chance to talk to the leader? If not, hostility may be just the anxiety of the group ready to hit the road. (areo bar and earphone doesn't help to difuse the situation either)

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hal eskenazi (not verified)
rides always welcome

EH, with all that is said here I think it important to remember that you weren’t totally
caste away. yes, you and I did step to the side and talk for a few minutes about the ride
and the reasons. I hope you felt my sincerity, when, after, you explained to me the level of rider you are, I suggested you do some laps and get your legs back and join us once you establish a comfortable level of riding. I know you were surly disappointed, having just joined the club the day before, what you thought would be an exciting club to ride with & meet new people, having gotten up early that morning and gotten to the park all excited about riding. I too, might have felt rejected. you weren’t. the reason nycc has graded rides is for the very reason you probably joined the club, to ride with people at your level. and, by the way, yes, we have had people who have insisted on listening to music while riding. tough to believe, I know. of course, it didn’t happen. so, I suggest to you again, let the “misunderstandings” drop, get your riding legs going and come ride with the club you joined. you’ll have a great time and you will be welcomed. you have a year to judge it before you need to rejoin. everyone will welcome a safe rider who rides at the level of the advertised ride. hal

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hal eskenazi (not verified)
our hero-marci

mike, glad you were ok. I have a bike you may be interested in. a little bruised, like you, but not damaged, I believe. you had us all a little worried so I was glad to be able to hook up with marci while you wee in the hospital for updates. and, marci, what else can any of us say but thanks for being you and for always being there for all of us in. to both you & cyna, great ride in a great series.

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Matthew Johnson (The English Patient) (not verified)
Another Vote of Thanks To Marci....

"I never actually got to ride with Marci. But 2 months ago when I knew I'd have to spend weeks and weekends in NY away from my family (and my bikes and my buddies at the bike club in England), I looked up a bunch of bike clubs in NY and the NYCC was the ""stand out"". I contacted Marci and asked about the rules, the customs etc and I have to say that I was staggered with how helpful she was with all of my dumb questions.

I pitched up early on my rented bike to catch a few minutes with Marci, and she recommended I went with a faster group, which turned out to be a good call. I've ridden all over the world in all kinds of cycling events with some top class riders, but I really enjoyed riding with the NYCC. In fact, I'll see you all for the STS-A19 to Croton Dam with Fred on Saturday....hope it's stopped snowing by then!"

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Faye R. (not verified)
Had to Share

Greetings to all from the West Coast,

First let me say that I miss riding with you all. Second while this thread clearly doesn't need any additional assurances with regard to Marci, I had to add my own.
When I first began riding, I was scared of group rides and all that comes with them. Were it not for Marci I likely wouldnt have fallen in love with the sport, completed an AIDS ride, or been comfortable enough to join a new club out here. She is everything a ride leader (and I might add a friend) should be and I would have been lost with out her. So I would suggest that one receives in return the setiments he puts out and that before one judges he reflect upon how he has approuched a situtaion. Just a thought.

Happy and safe riding to all!


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Mitch (not verified)
my two-cents

So it’s been almost a week since your posting and while another response might not be necessary, I will offer my two-cents anyway.

There is certainly no question about what the club or it’s individual members think and feel about Marci as a person and club leader. Just look at the outpouring of responses on this message board. On a personal note, Marci recently encouraged me to start riding and to join the club … has been and continues to be a source of inspiration, encouragement and enlightenment. She represents a group of very special, amazing people … the leadership of the NYCC… who dedicate and volunteer their time, energy and expertise organizing, leading and TEACHING people like you and me so we all can enjoy fun, safe rides, learn about this great sport and meet new friends.

The only question left to answer is: what are you going to do with this information? Instead of running from the club I highly encourage you to ride…. Ride with Marci… once, twice, many times. Ride with different leaders and experience it for yourself. Come out with an open mind… I think you will be amazed at what you discover… it could be one of the best decisions you make.


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