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Does anyone know of a good bike shop on the upper west side with good mechanics?


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Carol (not verified)

Search back a day or two on this board...there was just a thread on this.

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HARVEY MINSKY (not verified)
Champion Bikes


Champion Bikes at 103rd and Amsterdam have two very good mechanics. It is a small(unattractive) store that does good work. They also do good work at decent prices. The owner is a racer. They are directly across from American Youth Hostels. I have had good luck with them. Also, there are no attitudes here.


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Mark (not verified)
Re: Need Good Upper West Side Bike Shop

I have also had very good dealings with Champion. They are located on Amsterdam between 103rd and 104th streets. Marcos is a great guy and has always delivered for me - always on time, always done the right way. He is an easy going guy who is a pleasure to deal with.

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An anonymous cow! (Christian Edstrom) (not verified)
The thread

"Here's the thread:
Bike Shops

Consensus decision: Master Bike at 77th/Broadway

- Christian"

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Joe Blow (not verified)
Master Bike

Hmm, the consensus is Master Bike. This is the shop that assured me they could get my Campy Record running correctly, sold me different looking Record shifters until I insisted on normal looking ones (what the shifters said on them), didn't have the bike ready on time, charged me for new shifters and a new Campy cable set with no change in the performance, and chipped my 300 dollar Cinelli Ram seatpost. When I went to have the job redone at Bicycle Workshop, I was there when David took the cables out and half of the cables were not Campy cables!


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