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I've been asked for my opinions on Brooklyn bike shops. Unfortanately, I can't answer the question.

A co-worker of mine lives in the heart of Brooklyn somewhere between Park Slope and Bed Stuy. He would like to get recreational bikes for his family - nothing fancy but not big box breakdown bikes and establish a relationship with a local bike shop as his child grows. My co-worker has great personal style on a limited budget and a limited commitment to cycling, but is looking for value and durability.

Their riding will consist of rides on various bike paths, parks and the occasional event type rides.

Any suggestions?

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Karl (not verified)
Brooklyn bike shop

I use Bicycle Station located at 560 Vanderbilt Ave. in Prospect Heights. It is owned and run by Mike Rodriguez. He is an excellent mechanic and sells used and new bikes. A really nice guy and very honest. The only down side is that he get really really busy in the summer months.

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northsider (not verified)
spokes and strings

Spokes and Strings in Williamsburg have their own line of (not so expensive) bikes ( They're good folks. laid back. always remember your name.

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More (not verified)
Brooklyn Bike Shop

I would reccommend checking out Mr. C's.

Been around a while and good selection. Took my 7 year old daughter in and she was treated like she was buying a 2k road bike.

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Joe (not verified)
Recycle A Bicycle

I work at RAB, check out the website for more info on the shop. We offer inexpensive reconditioned bikes that are suitable for city riding (and the profits go to a good cause).

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