A-19 SIG Ride #5 Hartsdale - 4/1/2006

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  • A-19 SIG Ride #5 Hartsdale - 4/1/2006
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"Please remember the start time is 9am this week. For any delays or cancellations we will post on this thread. Think sun...
NYC weather
Hartsdale weather"

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Natalia Lincoln (not verified)

Not to be pessimistic, but the more notice I have, the better; my boss will appreciate it. :) Thanks!

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Jeff Terosky (not verified)
Calling it in the morning

Ed and I will talk in the morning between 6am and 7am and I'll post something here as soon as possible. Right now, if we get rain tonight it is supposed to stop by 8am, so think sun in the meantime!

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Jeff Terosky (not verified)
We're on

We're ON for today. It seems that no one really knows what the weather is going to do, and it would involve a big logistical change for many people to ride a different day, so we are making a go of it.
See you at the Boathouse at 9:00; if you could get there a few minutes early so that we could be ready to depart earlier than usual that would be helpful!
Oh yeah, be prepared to endure a little rain while riding just in case. (But keep thinking sun!)

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Joe Irizarry (not verified)
Logistical Change???

What's the big logistical change? Riding in dry, warm, and safe conditions? I was planing on taking over the world tomorrow, but I would have changed my plans if it meant riding safely and dry.
Come on guys, think safety first!!!

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Hammer Roids (not verified)
****A19 SIG CANCELLED*** due to our...

Fearless SIG Captain developing a severe case of saddle sores !!!

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Jeff Terosky (not verified)

The ride is on.

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