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"I'm hoping to either go up to Nyack or somewhere in Westchester this weekend. I'm familiar with the GWB but I'm not sure what to expect going over Madison Avenue Bridge.

Does anyone know the condition of the bridge? Is there construction I should avoid? How about the general area/vincinity? I plan on going with one other person (not a large group) so I don't want to be a ""target"".


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An anonymous cow! (Christian Edstrom) (not verified)

The Madison Avenue bridge is fine. Stay to the right, but be aware to move to the far left lane after the second light after getting off the bridge, in order to make a left onto the Grand Concourse.

The area is fine. No worries.

- Christian

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hannah (not verified)
sidewalk is fine too

When I'm by myself, I usually ride on the south sidewalk of the bridge rather than in traffic. Sidewalk is fine but there's no curb cut on the Bronx side, so you have to stop and hop down the curb.

I've never worried about safety on the bridge, and the usual routes through the Bronx seem fine to me too.


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