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I did last week's C-SIG with a backpack. It wasn't too bad - but I'm sure there are preferable alternatives. I saw some people with fanny packs, some with little bags under the seat, some with 'messenger guy' type bags slung across, etc.

Assuming I want to take a spare tube, mini-pump, metro card, blackberry, some money, keys, and perhaps a snack or two, what's the best way to go, and what store would everyone recommend I go to to buy some of the above things, including the bag?


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Carol (not verified)
Seat bag

"Scott, you should probably get a seat bag. They come in different sizes, so you can get one big enough to carry all your needs. There are many different styles. Detours makes 3 different sizes of bag that have a thin metal tube around the bag that clamps onto the seatpost. The bag is easily detached from the clamp. (Google ""detours saddle bags"" to find them.) If a smaller bag will suffice, many manufacturers sell various size seat bags. You can go to your local bike shop or try or My personal advice would be not to get a handlebar bag.

Generally, on the C-SIG, it won't matter if you have a slightly oversize bag. I'm sure some folks will have rear racks with rack trunks. So don't be put off if someone posts a reply saying you should get the smallest possible seat bag. That's fine if you're a fast rider trying to shave weight, but you won't need to worry about that right now. So get what's going to work for you in terms of size and style."

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ben (not verified)
shave weight

Scott, you need to get the smallest possible seat bag. That way you can be fast and shave weight, which is something you should worry about right now.

The wieght should be low too, to keep you center of gravity low. Excel sports sells a derailler bag that fits underneath your rear derailleur. Anything bigger will slow you down or tip you over.


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Katie (not verified)

anything that doesn't fit in my seat bag goes into my Bento Box.

I am not coordinated enough to get stuff out of my jersey pockets on the fly.

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April (not verified)
You lost me

">I am not coordinated enough to get stuff out of my jersey pockets on the fly.

But you're coordinated enough to get them out of your seat bag ""on the fly""?"

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Donald (not verified)

A bento box isn't a seat bag. It's a small compartment mounted usually on the top tube right behind the head tube and stem.

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Katie (not verified)

"thank you for clearing up what a Bento Box is....

April - I wonder if you were trying to be funny because your posting lost ""it"" in the translation."

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Greg Faber (not verified)
cant u put everything in ur jersey pockets?

strap ur pump to your frame and everything else goes in ur pockets...

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grizzled vet (not verified)

I second the vote for pockets. I carry a few items in a small seatbag (tire levers, glueless patches, multitool, zip ties, spoke wrench, tire boot), and everything else (tubes, money, snot rag) in my pockets. I learned the hard way that tubes will develop holes in a seatbag, particularly if you don't get flats often and carry a tube for weeks at a time.

And why, may I ask, do you need to carry a Blackberry? Isn't bike riding about getting away from responsibility for a few hours?

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Evan Marks (not verified)

Keys, cash and ID belong in your pocket, just in case the unthinkable happens and your bike separates itself from you, at a lunch stop for example (yes, it's happened) or at the point of a knife (yes, it's happened too).

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