B-17 laps

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Anyone up for some laps in the park (B-17 pace)? I'll be at the park at 7pm for 3-4 laps...would love some company.
Say 90th and 5th.

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susan r (not verified)
laps in Central Park

Luis -

I live near the park and do laps in the b17-19 range, but cannnot do so on a regular schedule. I can sometimes ride midday; sometimes AM or PM.

What's your contact info, or alternatively, email me if/when you know in advance that you'll be going out?

susan rodetis
[email protected]

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Luis D. (not verified)
B-17 Laps

Just e-mailed you...planning to be back there on Thursday evening around 7pm. All welcome.

Park was great tonight.


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Luis (not verified)
B-17 Training Ride

Going for it again. Engineering gate, 7pm [90th & 5th Ave]
All welcome.

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