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At first I wasn't going to say anything because I was sure I would really jumped on [and not just for my spelling] but this is the second weekend where I find there are no rides for me. There are plenty of A rides and a B spring training ride for which I was unpleasantly told I was not welcome to ride on. I have only been a member of the club for about five years and I even though I qualified for the C sig a few times I have never been able to commit to this training series. I have been an avid rider since my early teens including joining the Century Road club Association for a few years in my twenty's where I tried racing. I ride at least four times a week, about 25 to 40 miles per ride and although I am now fifty I am still in pretty good shape.
This year I renewed my NYCC membership and have not as yet renewed my Five Borough bike club membership but am wondering if that was a mistake. I am very dissapointed by the lack of B and C rides [which I was told was because the volunteer leaders were busy with the sigs] but there seems to be plenty of A rides. I think It would be wise for any club that wants to increase it's membership and grow to try and get as many newcomers as possible but this does not seem to be the case. I am truly disappointed and don't think that the solution that the B training series leader suggested that I find riders on my own, is the solution. Maybe I am wrong in expecting there to be rides for my level of expertise {which I conservatively would say is slow b or c rides}.


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Rob M (not verified)

I agree.

Its a pity there are not more C rides. But why don't you lead one? This could be as easy as announcing that you are riding to Nyack and would like company. I hope someone does announce a C ride for you, but in the mean time step up and give something back to the club.

I don't want you, or anyone else, to take this as a personal attack, its not. But the elected officials and ride leaders work selflessly for the club. Year after year the same names crop up will your name be one of them?

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Carol (not verified)
See the President's Message in the April Bulletin

A lack of listed rides means a lack of leaders. There sometimes are plenty of A rides and faster B rides because people in those categories have shown a willingness to lead. It's possible that some people in the C category don't feel experienced enough to lead. But it sounds as though you have plenty of experience. We'd love to have you lead. There are tips for ride leaders in the Rides section of the website and there are lots of C-level routes in the ride library. (Places like Westwood and Northvale, NJ or Scarsdale in Westchester are all within 40 miles of Central Park.)

It takes volunteers of all stripes to make this club work. The more, the merrier. Would that we had the problem of too many rides listed some weekend! So, please, David, get your feet wet...list a C ride. It's very easy to do through the online ride submission program. If you have questions about leading, contact C-Rides Coordinator Scott Wasserman at [email protected] or contact me at [email protected].

Thanks in advance for jumping in.

Carol Waaser

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April (not verified)
always an issue

"There's always been a relatively sparse ride listing in the spring time, especially in years when it's warm early... I've been with the club for many years, and that's been the case most of the years. Reasons are many...

There're only so many volunteers in each level. When the SIG is going on, there're simply not enough leaders. That's probably the main reason.

For other ""regular"" leaders, it's much harder to commit to leading a ride on a specific weekend when you don't even know if it will be 70 degrees or 30 degrees. I wouldn't be too surprise some leader shy away from commiting to lead rides in March and April.

Plus, I wonder if without the requirement of SIG graudates leading at least 2(?) rides in the season, how many fewer rides will there be even during the ""regular"" season!

NYCC does not exist to increase its membership. Most people join because they get something out of it. Some like to lead, others like to follow and support. But neither do it for the sake of attracting new members."

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join both clubs (not verified)

You will find more rides at your level with the Five Boro club. In fact, you should have a ride just about every week-end--often a choice at that level.

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