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I had ACL reconstruction 15 years ago in Atlanta. Today, my knee buckled and I'm concerned that I have injured it again. Can anyone recommend a good orthopedist?

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Rob M (not verified)

Dr. Orrin Sherman
@ NYU Medical Center

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Carol (not verified)

Philip Bauman
345 W. 58th St. (His office may have a different street number - this is the number for the main entrance to the building.)

Also David Weiss
530 First Ave., Su. 5D

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ben (not verified)

I'll second Bauman. I went to him 3 years ago with a knee problem from running and he seemed very knowledgeable.

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Bill Vojtech (not verified)

I had an ACL reconstruction. Great results.
Dr. Andrew Bazos
Sports & Entertainment Physicians
244 West 54th street

Great rehab facility, too.

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