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I have a fairly new Atlantis that needs a Spring tune up and I was wondering if anyone has a favorite bike shop/mechanic. I live in Inwood, so anyplace on the West Side would be preferable.


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Jonathan Friedman (not verified)
uws bike shops

Most Area bike shops are marked & listed (with phone #'s) on the NYC bike map that is available at various events or at the web site:

On the Upper West Side there is a Metro Bike Shop at 96th near Broadway & Toga near W 64 St & West End Ave., but these may be a bit a trek for someone in Inwood.

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Jonathan Friedman (not verified)

Looking on this map, there is a Sid's Bike Shop just over the Broadway Bridge in the Bronx that might be close + one more near Inwood Hill Park

Sid's Bike Shop.
215 W 230th St / 549-8247

Tread Bike Shop
225 Dyckman St / 212-544-7055

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Rob Marcus (not verified)

Sids bike shop is now als a Tread store

There is a bike shop called Manny's on Bennet Ave just off 181st St

Rob Marcus

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Karol (not verified)
The Best is in Midtown

Conrad's in Tudor City in midtown is the best bike shop in the city. Conrad's is on E. 41st, east of Second Avenue. Take the train to Grand Central and walk it over, if you want.

If you want it to sing go there. You may need to leave it for a week, but it's worth the week. Nobody makes my bike work like they do. Believe me, I've tried.

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Smiley (not verified)
Best bike shop in the city

"It might well be.

Just keep your composure when asked ""When will you buy a real bike?"" (i.e. a $6,000+ Seven)"

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An anonymous cow! (Christian Edstrom) (not verified)

Go to Master Bike on 77th between Broadway and Amsterdam. It's owned by Imbert Jimenez, who used to be the master tech at Toga, and it's a fair sight better than Toga or Metro.

- Christian

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Michael Casey (not verified)
I second the anonymous cow

I have been very happy with Imbert and recommend him highly.

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allison (not verified)
i third the anonymous cow

Imbert is great- I highly recommend him also.

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Anthony Poole (not verified)
Imbert rocks

I can't fault Imbert on mechanics. He's made my bike and my father-in-law's bikes sing.

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Derek Chu (not verified)
more votes for Master Bike

I've also had my bike tuned there. He's excellent. He also says he's an ex-Olympian, raced for Argentina.
I know two other Club members (Peter B., Susan C) have had their bikes tuned there after me and they've been thrilled.

He was also giving out free water bottles (at least to me since he said mine were ratty)

Mater Bike Shop 225 W. 77 Street (@B'way) 212-580-2355

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Paul Gerber (not verified)
And yet another vote for Master Bike

Picked up my bike this Monday from the $85 Deluxe tune-up an it looked better than when I bought it (no exaggeration).

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Peter Brevett (not verified)

Second that!

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Rich (not verified)

I second the recommendation of Tread. It's close if you live in Inwood (Broadway & Dyckman). The owner, Ozzie, bought the Sids (which is also close to you at Broadway & 230th in the Bronx) and turned it into a much better shop with friendlier service. If you don't want to schlepp your bike to some other part of the city for a tuneup, I'm sure you will be happy with Tread.

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Joe (not verified)
Tune Ups at RAB

I work at Recycle-A-Bicycle in the east village on 5th and C as the head mechanic. Our tuneups are fairly inexpensive compared to other bike shops as ours only cost $35. If anyone is interested or has questions, you can feel free to email me. You can also check out for more info about the shop.

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Melissa (not verified)
Sids over Tread or Manny's

I live on Bennett Ave and have experimented with various bike shops in the area for tune-ups. I've even travelled across the GWB to Bicycle Works (or Workshop?) in Tenafly for an annual overhaul. Frankly, I prefer Tread to Manny's and Sid's to Tread. Sid's is a schlepp, but worth it in my experience. I recently took my road bike there for a tune-up and am pleased with the quality of their work. Having said this, to be fair, the guy who owns Tread continues to work hard to make his two stores (one of which was the original Sid's in the Bronx) worthwhile shops for serious cyclists who live and ride in Manhattan's Northwest Territories. It's possible he's done a lot to develop his staff, etc. over the past year. I would not rule out Tread, and in fact, may take a hybrid there soon for a tune-up. Manny's is great if you ever find yourself without a tube or a pump at 7:30pm. He's open pretty late.

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