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"You look at the bike hanging on the wall. You know you ""should"" ride it– you want to get in shape, but...

You think about how much trouble it is to prep the bike, put on shorts and tights, dig some gloves out of the back of an overstuffed drawer, etc., and wonder if it's worth it.

Finally you do the above things, all the while thinking how much easier it would be to watch TV or play on the computer, or go to the movies.

You start rolling, you do a few sprints to get warm– your lungs burn and your quads feel like jello. You ask yourself, ""why is this fun?""

Then all of a sudden the endorphines or something kick in and you can't think of anyplace you'd rather be than on a bike and your earlier negative thoughts make no sense."

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George (not verified)

Nope, this never happens to me ;)

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Karol (not verified)
Yes! (nm)
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Ron (not verified)

Happens every single time I ride, and there's nothing I can do but ignore those feelings, knowing that they'll be gone 10 minutes into the ride. One thing I have learned, though--getting my gear and clothes ready the night before and leaning my bike against the door makes it just a little bit easier.

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Lance A. (not verified)

Ever since I retired from professional racing, I find that I stare at my dozens of bikes, trophies and maillots jaunes hanging on the wall, and then I rollover in bed and watch another DVD of my past TdF glories.

This is why I'm hawking mutual funds now.

But you should all get motivated out and bike and run.
Life is too short. LiveStrong!

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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
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chris o (not verified)

I can honestly say this never happens to me.

But something similar does happen when I go for a run. It is a chore. I often have to drag myself out of the house. And I love running, but after a frisbee, or in a softball game, or a tennis match. But who wants to run to nowhere? Sometimes I just bail out. Yet I never regret the run during or afterwards.

I bet a lot of club members feel this way about running but not about cycling.

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Judith Tripp (not verified)
I would bet you're right

I was thinking, yes I kind of agree with the original poster, I do feel like that. But, Chris, I think you have hit the nail on the head! As more of a runner than a cyclist, it is never a chore for me to go out for a run. The biking, though, is a different matter. It's not just that there's way more to get ready and more that can go wrong, but the weather affects it so much more, and I'm always nervous before I go -- the biggest thing of all is that it's increasingly dangerous -- I may end up enjoying it but my feeling when I get home is usually one of immense relief!

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