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Does anyone have the link to the A Sig Ride Library that covers all the rides we do in the A Classic? I think it's on the nycc.org site somethere, but I can't find it. Would like to get a listing of all the rides from now through Bear Mountain.

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Peter (not verified)
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Karol (not verified)
Thank You! (nm)
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Karol (not verified)
A Sig rides

Hi Suzanne,

Here's the A Sig Classic Ride Library link posted by Peter. There are five more rides, around 80 plus miles each, and then Bear Mountain. But the second to last might be off. It says Croton Dam 39 miles. Doesn't seem right. Does any one know what the deal is with that ride?


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Mark Loftis (not verified)
ASIG link and Croton Dam

Here's the link to the ASIG Classic rides on the NYCC website:


The Croton Dam ride is about 80 miles. There is an error on the cue sheet at about mile 31.

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Jason (not verified)
Cue Sheet Updated

The mistake has been corrected. The ride is approximately 82 miles.

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karol (not verified)
Thanks, Jason! (nm)
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