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Hello all -

Short of riding around in safety goggles, can someone recommend a functional wrap-around frame that does a good job keeping air-flow to a minimum around the eyes for allergy reasons?

Here's the catch - I need something that accomodates -8Rx prescription inserts (bad nearsightedness). Unfortunately contacts and a conventional frame aren't an option right now.

Thanks for any help!

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Jeffrey R Fischman (not verified)
antihistamine eye drops

don't know if you've tried them, they work very well for me and are safer than the steroid eyedrops--may make any pair of glasses work for you. you do need an Rx

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E. Novélo (not verified)
Two Suggestions...

I had a problem with my eyes tearing. I use Bolle wraparound plastic sunglasses. They have four tints and an optional prescription insert. The sunglasses were $100+, the insert $50 and the prescription lens $90.

With four lenses, it’s difficult to keep the Bolle smudge free. On a cloudy day, I carry different tints. :-(

An alternative may be prescription sunglasses that are designed for sports. The optometrists at Eye and Ear Hospital (E14 Street @ 2 Ave) have sunglasses designed for cycling. With transition lenses, this would costs about the same --- I haven’t tried these.

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Basil Ashmore (not verified)

I've used Recspecs successfully for many years - for biking, skiing etc. I got them at Cohen's - not sure if they still have them as it was some years ago.

FYI, there were some additional suggestions in a message board topic 1-2 years ago - a search may throw them up for you.

Re-reading your post, the Recspecs may not provide enough protection from airflow - they do wrap around but are not particularly close to the skin.

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Optometrist (not verified)

Try the Oakley M Frame or Racing Jackets (made famous by George Hincapie). Both are RXable. Keep in mind they will use polycarbonate not a hi-index material so they will be shatter-resistant, but on the thick side with your prescription. Also, a daily disposable contact should help with your allergies. Hope this helps.

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packfill (not verified)
try rudy project

I think oakley doesn't do prescriptions above 5.0

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