What happened to the golf driving range in Palisades on 9w?

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  • What happened to the golf driving range in Palisades on 9w?
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Went by the golf driving range on 9w today and saw that the golf tee platform section was being ripped up. This was my bathroom spot after crossing the NJ/NY border. Anyone know if it is being redone or if it will become something else. (As long as it will still have a bathroom, I guess it will be all good).

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Carol (not verified)
Don't worry

Sometime this spring, the old gas station sort of across the street from the golf range is supposed to turn into a deli/cafe. The woman who plans to open it put up a post a number of months ago asking what cyclists wanted her to stock. Bathrooms was certainly one of the answers.

Does anyone know if that's happening?

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Rob Marcus (not verified)

"I passed it this week and there was no sign at the gas station stating ""coming soon"".

My guess is the idea died or she has bad timing."

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JP (not verified)

She ran into local red tape - paving, parking, etc. It was touch and go a couple of months ago.

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Jay (not verified)
Bathroom Spots

Both the Piermont Bicycle Connection and Bunbury's (formerly Piermont/Runcible) graciously permit cyclists to use their facilities (Look at the outside of the bathroom door in the bike shop as you enter). From April to October or so there are facilities in Tallman Park.

So far I haven't seen anything in the local papers about either the driving range or the antique gas station (which was used in at least one Woody Allen film and perhaps in a E Hopper painting). A Wal-Mart is unlikely. If I do hear or read of anything I will post the info.

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Jay (not verified)

"1. Both phones at the driving range have been disconnected. This would lead me to believe that the range's days are over. I will post any further developments.

2. 9W just north of Piermont will be closed during the week of April 3.

3. A bike trail going from Oak Tree Rd (starts from opposite Finn McCool's tavern) to Sparkill and eventually crossing heavily trafficked Rte 303 has been paved. A bridge for cyclists & peds across 303 will be constructed. Details to follow.

4. The large new building behind the giant (white ash??) tree at 340 & William in Sparkill will be a branch of ""the View"" of Piermont(I am told)--catering hall, etc. The building has yellow panels at this point.

5. Piermont's new library is now under construction and will hopefully be completed later this year. It is between Piermont's only bank and the gazebo overlooking the river & TZ. The librarians, Victoria and Grace are my friends and I will ask them if cyclists can use their
rest rooms. BTW the old library bldg which is off Ash St (and definitely didn't conform to the Americans with Disabilities Act!!) is for sale ($hi 6 figures) Good for someone with a lot of books--built-in shelves, etc & they should be handy!--it needs some work. Not for anyone with a problem with heights & if a cyclist purchases it he/she should be a good climber!! Incidentally the old RR station up there is being restored as a point of historical interest.

6. The bridge opposite Canzona's Market has been reopened-one way only (towards to mkt)

7. A large complex including a new Marriott hotel is planned for the Rte 303 & Palisades Pky exit 5 area"

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Jay (not verified)
"""The golf course is definitely closed"""

"That's what two workers at the site told me this morning. They added vaguely something about ""new homes"". It looks like a nice
piece of property"

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Chris T. (not verified)
So much for open space (nm)
cycling trips