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Tomorrow’s STS-A23 ride presents a direct, relatively flat route from New Brunswick, NJ to Carversville, PA passing through Lambertville, NJ and New Hope, PA. The return is a bit more rolling through New Jersey farmland with one small climb out of the Delaware Valley, 85 miles total. Lunch is at the historic Carversville Inn. Although the total distance is somewhat long for a typical March ride, the route’s lack of hills, directness and few lights make for a fast ride and with terrain, geology and scenery different from most of our other rides, this is my favorite route.

We will be taking the 8:14 AM New Jersey Transit train from Pennsylvania Station, arriving in New Brunswick PA at 9:07 AM. New Jersey Transit does not require bike permits.

Unfortunately, the forecast could be better; please check the message for further updates.

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John Z (not verified)
Change in Plans

"Thanks to the infinite wisdom of various old whatevers this message board provides, tomorrow's New Hope ride will follow the following guidelines: no power meters, heart rate monitors, speedometers, GPS receivers or any other electronic devices including derailleurs, should you be so leading edge as to have such; (speaking of derailleurs, they won't be allowed anyway) along with any means of changing rollout -- to the ""noncompetative"", this should be a relief should you decide to join us. In addition, no brakes, clincher tires or chains.

Material selection will be closely scrutinized: no aluminum or titanium (not producible in quantity until 1910 -- see I am a geek but 3 engineering degrees will do that to a person). Carbon finer aficionados will get an exemption for similar items constructed of wood. No Lycra -- I hope nobody is allergic to wool.

After this message is posted, I will hand print cue sheet copies: forget about the maps or profiles. Hopefully, I won't make any mistakes transcribing the details and we won't get lost.

Since the Pennsylvania Railroad existed 100 years ago (the Standard of the World too, hard to believe if you have been on Amtrak recently) our means of getting to New Brunswick is acceptable.

Given the above restrictions, especially gear, we might not be able to cover our 85 miles before conditions turn bad later tomorrow afternoon. Don't fret, as we can stay at the historic Black Bass Inn, founded in the 1740's and Tory (of course) during the Revolutionary War. God save the Queen.

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Ron Thomson (not verified)

Finally a chance to get my Penny Farthing out!

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Walter Lindsay (not verified)
no powermeters

I wanted to post but can't stop laughing. Have a great ride:~)

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