So far the B SIG is on for Saturday 3/25/06

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  • So far the B SIG is on for Saturday 3/25/06
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As of this posting our rides are on for Saturday, yes the forecasts for the weekend are not stellar but we are optimists. I will be updated this message thread as needed……….mark for the B SIG Team

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Mark Gelles (not verified)
update B SIGs

As of late Friday afternoon B SIG rides are still on, I will keep watching forecast & will post again in the early AM. If the roads are wet in the morning we will cancel, if not we will ride. I realize some of us have a ways to go to get to Central Park so I’ll post as early as I can. That the best I can do………..mark

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chopper (not verified)

do you suggest shorts or tights for tomorrows ride?

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Rose (not verified)

Um, Tights

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Ivy (not verified)


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Dave the H. (not verified)
If You Have to Ask...

...then you probably know what to do.

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Simone (not verified)
No online access in the AM

I will not have online access in the morning. Can a kind soul (anybody!) call me to tell me the status of the BSIG tomorrow once it is determined? My phone number is 212.365.8010



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Mark Gelles (not verified)
B SIG is on Sat. 3/25/06 8:50AM

As the roads are dry outside my window & the Radar looks OK we are cycling today. If the roads turn wet before I leave home for the park will post again - otherwise I'll see you at the Park..........mark

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