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Hi, I'm going to Austin for about a week in April, and since I'm too shy to call up LA I thought I'd ask if any of you have ridden there and can recommend a good ride (40-60 miles) or a local club that might organize one. I actually lived and taught there some years ago but it was before I started cycling so I have no clue (my jogging ambitions at the time were significantly less than 40-60 miles!). There are some things on the net but I'd appreciate any tips from those of you who have made the trip. Thank you.

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DvB (not verified)
Maybe an Austin-based board would be more helpful?


Since clearly no one on this board has ever ridden in Austin, maybe a post on an equivalent, Austin-based board would be more helpful? Here's one:

Good luck! Take it easy on Lance while you're down there.


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Jonathan Shannon (not verified)
Good idea

Good idea, Doug. Thanks for the tip and the link. I'll pass on your regards to Lance when I'm passing him on the hills there.

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Tony Corsentino (not verified)


I visit Austin frequently and have ridden there once. I highly recommend the ""Dam Loop"", a gorgeous ride of about 40 miles that encompasses stretches of Loop 360 (where my in-laws have seen LA on more than one occasion), Bee Caves Road, Highways 71, and state roads 620 and 2222. It has several highlights, but perhaps my favorite is a wickedly fast descent on what's called ""Tumbleweed Hill."" Here's a link to a map of the Dam Loop:


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Jonathan (not verified)
Austin Rides: Thanks!

Thanks for the tip. I know Bee Caves Rd but from a car's perspective so it will be interesteing to ride it on a bike. I'll take your advice and try the Dam Loop. The downhill sounds pretty good too!

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