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"I need a classic-looking saddle bag and fender for my new fixed gear.

The utilitarian but soulless Performance ""Transit"" bag and humongo angled X3 fender spoil the look of this gold and black beauty.

I checked Carradice bags online, but their smallest is way too big for a few tools, minipump, and couple of tubes, and maybe a vest.

Anyone know where to get one of those skinny little Zefal clip-on fenders?"

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Tony Rentschler (not verified)

Do you know of Wallingford Bicycle Parts? I like the Berthoud saddlebag more than the Riv model:

Wallingford has fenders, too, but not clip-ons. Skinny little carbon fenders though.

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Tony Rentschler (not verified)
SKS raceblades

It turns out that Wallingford has clip-on fenders after all:

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An anonymous coward! (Christian Edstrom) (not verified)
Carradice and Brooks bags


Tony is right about Wallingford being the best source, but I think there are some other suggestions worth mentioning.

The smallest Carradice is the zipped roll:

Gilles Berthoud also makes a nice small transverse bag:

Brooks makes some really nice tool bags in various sizes:

I have the Challenge in antique brown:
It's new in the box, never used, and really really nice. However, I'm sticking to my Carradice Barley, so if you're interested, let me know.

- Christian

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Neile (not verified)
Banana Bag? Burritto Wrap?
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Carol Wood (not verified)

Thanks Neile, Tony, and Christian. I'm looking at all these options (and any others that come up).

Christian, would the Challenge bag work with a Terry saddle? The straps would have to go around the rails, which looks to me like it might interfere with pedaling (oh, that!) It's a gorgeous piece of luggage.

Berthoud makes a small clip-on under-the-saddle bag that I'm looking at. You can order directly from the mfr in France for a 34 euro minimum order.

Maybe a biggish Carradice for long rides and a small Berthoud for short day trips.

Also, I should have specified earlier I need only a rear fender, clip on, for 650 wheels.

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An anonymous coward! (Christian Edstrom) (not verified)

Hi Carol,

No, all the bags previously mentioned, except the Berthoud banana bag and the kickflix Berthoud bags, require a Brooks saddle with saddlebag loops, or one of these things
that will adapt a regular saddle to use a transverse bag.

BTW, while you're dressing the bike up...

- Christian

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af (not verified)

French site has complete Zefal line, if that's what you need (I don't know if they make 650c fenders). They have good prices, reasonable postage costs, no minimum order and ship fast. (The only funny thing is that they address everything last name first, without a comma.)

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