Sunday 3/19 Recovery and Reinforcement Ride

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Of course we are on for this Sunday, it should be beautiful... Destination Nyack via 505, returning on 9W. The pace will be a moderate A19 - remember the goal is to keep the paceline smooth, tight, and we'll practice rotating a bit. If you feel the need to put the hammer down, you know the way, we'll meet you there!
Oh yeah - this will not be an all day affair either - we should be back by 1:30 or 2:00. We're leaving at 9:15 and meeting a few folks on the Manhattan side of the GWB too. See you at 9:00 at the boathouse!

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Jeff Terosky (not verified)

That was a gorgeous ride! Thanks to everyone who came out and a special thanks to our co-leader Corinne Karmiel and guest leader/sweeper Rich Ramon. Hope to see you all on our next installment of this ride in two weeks on Sunday April 2. -Jeff

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Chaim Caron (not verified)
Thanks to Jeff and Corinne

It was a great ride! The double rotating pace line south on 9W made mincemeat of the remaining miles. Great job, and thanks!


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Kim Jenkins (not verified)

Jeff and crew, sorry I missed the ride, but my thoughts were with y'all...I was stuck at a champagne brunch at the Essex House.

Note to self...skip brunch and make the ride! See you next weekend.

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