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Anyone with recommended training routes/experiences in the Naples, Florida area. I usually go to the southeast coast of FL but will be in Naples for a couple of weeks at the end of the month and am in the midst of a good training ramp-up that I hope not to disrupt (although I know there will be no hills to speak of!).

Thanks in advance.

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Geoffrey (not verified)
Bike Shop / Rides in Naples, FL

Sorry for the late past. Years ago, I used to do rides early each weekday morning and on Sundays by meeting customers from the bike shop attached to the following link. Don't know what they do currently, but as you'll note, they reference some rides on their website. Overall, riding in Naples is marginal (roads, traffic and drivers) unless you can hook up with a group. My recollection is that there is a nice turnout for some of their rides, which makes the experience much more enjoyable. Good luck and let me know how it turns out. Here is the link:

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Steve Cornett (not verified)

I grew up in Naples and just returned from a Feb visit. Your question depends on how far you might want to ride. It's 'showbird' season right now - so I wouldn't recomend heavy traffiked roads like US41. If you want a beach ride, try going from Naples Park up Bonita Beach Rd to Ft. Meyers beach - that's ~30 miles one way. If you detest traffic, the newer Imokolee Rd from N. Naples to Imokolee is a good hike and not very trafficked once you get out of North Naples. The Bike Route is still a good local ride source too (see the previous post)

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