Cycling: the new golf? (CNBC 7pm today)

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"CNBC's On The Money, today 7-8pm, will have a segment about cycling as the ""new golf.""

The blurb running today on CNBC was ""Would you pay $15,000 for a bicycle?""

Serotta will be featured.

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"Chainwheel" (not verified)
Anyone else watch it?

"There were two themes to the piece:

1) People switching to bikes for commuting due to the high cost of gas. They showed a woman commuting on what looked like a hybrid bike.

2) Older yuppies doing weekend rides on expensive road bikes. Bicycling was portrayed as the ""new golf"" as the participants discuss business during their ride. I don't think those folks worry about the price of gas.

The Serotta pitch that expensive bikes (~$15,000) make a huge difference will impress some, but I'm not buying it. Unfortunately, expensive bikes, clothing, and accessories are probably the future of ""bicycling as the new golf.""


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Jonathan (not verified)
The New What?

"Last Fall cycling was branded by the NY Times the ""new squash"". Now it's the ""new golf"". What's next? The new 3-martini lunch? (how's that for a ""sports drink""!)"

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Rob M (not verified)
Its Paddy's day...

You mean a 5 pint lunch.

I think its whiskey time.

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