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I moved to New York last week from the UK. Was looking forward to joining one of the training runs this weekend from CP but have been subjected to a burglary already. Had by possesions shipped in on Monday and stolen Tuesday including Specialized S Works (Dura Ace).

Anyone know if there is anywhere in the city that trades in Specialized. I'm living on 29th Street.


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Herb (not verified)

Wow, sorry to hear about your misfortune. I wonder if the crooks were watching your stuff being moved in.
Toga, on the upper west side, I think it's on W. 63rd and West End Avenue sells Specialized.

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Neile (not verified)
Sid's Bikes. 34th Street betweeen 2nd & 3rd Avenues

Sorry about the theft ...

You should post the details of the bike that was stolen - size, color, model, frame/fork material, etc.

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john grandits (not verified)

check out the bikes you just might find someone selling your bike, i've seen it before. it's also a good place to pick a new bike, cheap. you won't find very many high end road bikes, but occasionally they have em. good luck, sorry about the loss

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Leigh Fanner (not verified)
Bike Description

The bike is (or was) a 2005 edition of the Specialized E5 S Works - frame is in anodised mat black. It has Dura 10 speed with deda bars and stem and Look black pedals. The defining feature of the bike when it was stolen was the seat post - Monoc black carbon bladed.

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Walter Lindsay (not verified)

Sorry to hear about what happened. Larry and Jeffs bicycle shop at 88th & 2nd Ave. They give 10% discount to NYCC members, ask for Casey, good luck.

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