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Any brave souls up for a ride this evening?

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Ron D (not verified)
Fat Tire Bicycle?

"What is a good bike and what is a 'not-so-good' bike for a UAR? A 'Fat Tire bike' has a broad range.

700c knobbies?
26"" slicks acceptable (for speed)?
Front shock necessary/recommended?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Chris McKenzie (not verified)
Did anyone respond to your questions?

Fat tire means resistant to glass and rodents, and traction is helpful for occasional off-road. A light is good to have. Front shock absolutely not required.

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Chris McKenzie (not verified)
Ride Tonight

Are we on? A board meeting I had scheduled for tonight was cancelled, so I'm in. John Z wants to go to Queens?

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John Z (not verified)
Queens (nm)
cycling trips