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I'm participating in the A-Sig Classic this year and looking for anyone in the group who wants to do laps in central park. I'm doing 3 laps on Tuesday and Thursday morning (weather permitting) this week leaving from Engineer's Gate on the east side at about 6am. Let me know if you are interested.

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Paul Gerber (not verified)
I'll be there tomorrow: 6am at the engineer's gate.

This is at 90th and 5th right?

No rain tomorrow morning as called by accuweather.

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Adam Lichtenstein (not verified)
90th and 5th

yes, 90th and 5th.

Weather.com shows rain. Let's just play it by ear. If it's raining, I'll probably ride inside, and we can try again for thursday. Otherwise, I'll see you there.

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Marc (not verified)

Plan to meet you both tomorrow morning

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