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Not a cycling-related post, but a cyclist-related one. Please note i have considerately scheduled this so you can be in bed by 10:00 and fresh for your SIG.

Come and enjoy the music, and cheer for me on the big shifts. . . .

Friday March 10
Catherine Bent, cello & Jean Kim, piano
works by Beethoven, Brahms, and Frank Bridge.
Rutgers Presbyterian Church
236 West 73rd St (west of Broadway)
$10 suggested donation
reception to follow (but eat your pasta all the same)

cheers. . .

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Bill (not verified)
Bent plays the 3 B's?

There's something cool in the fact that you're 'Bent' and you play the cello! you're playing the 3 B's? Forgive my ignorance but who's Frank Bridge?

Good luck! Break a leg! Do ya play dressed in bike helmet and spandex?!

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Cat (not verified)
How many B's can you handle?

Bridge was Benjamin Britten's teacher. Aptly named, he penned a musical bridge from Edwardian lyricism to 20th century modernism. wow! (this sonata is middle-period: romantic, but very forward-looking)

What am i missing about the Bent/cello coolness. . . ? I mean it would be cool to see Casals ride a bicycle, too.

bike shoes too dangerous to wear on a marble floor.

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Bill (not verified)
high culture in B

wow! A good music lesson for bozo biking Bill.

Cool! A biking cellist. So this isn't like 'Music in the Subway'? You're quite good, huh? Your credentials? (brag a little)

Bent, a bicyclist, to broadcast Britten/Bridge, Beethoven, Brahms before B-SIG. Be there, bike club!!

p.s. How does one carry one's cello on one's bike?

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
How does one carry a cello on one's bike?

"Easy: one puts the cello in a Cello.

I'd like to know: does Bent ride a 'bent?"

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Colleen (not verified)
looking forward to it

Hi Cat,

My son and I are planning to come. How long will the program be? (he asks...being 12).


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Bill (not verified)
probably 2 hours

I would guess under two hours (plus reception) as she wrote that bike fans can be in bed by 10.

hey, one more year and your son can do the NYCC youth program ....and lug a cello around too!

Bill the Musical bozo

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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
A true story: cellos and cycling in the Alps

"Three years ago, nearing the end of a Zurich-Nice ride, I happened upon two German cyclotourists on the Larche/Maddalena Pass (the southern most paved road connecting Italy and France...unless the Lombarde (Isola 2000) and Tende Passes have been paved in these last few years). If you've seen German cyclotourists, you know the enormous amount of stuff they load onto their bikes. I chatted up these riders and asked what all they were carrying.

To my astonishment, one of them said a cello! Huh? How's that? ""A cello?"" Yes, he repeated, a cello. I couldn't imagine a folding cello. Where would you put the hinges?!

We talked further. They turn out to have been itinerant missionaries and ministers. What I heard as ""cello"" turned out to be a........



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Rosenthal (not verified)


cycling trips