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Scratches on high-performance aluminum wheels

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  • Scratches on high-performance aluminum wheels
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I have high-performance aluminum wheels that weigh about 1400g a pair and use a about a dozen or so of tiny metal grooves on the breaking surface of the rim for more efficient braking. One of the rims recently got a few vertical scratches that do not seem to affect breaking all that much just make noise when I apply the breaks. They are an eye sore though. Should I try sanding them down or just leave them as they are because of the metal grooves. Any other suggestions are appreciated. Jim

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Herb (not verified)

I would be very circumspect about sanding. You don't want to put any flat spots on the rim.

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Neile (not verified)
"""Should I try sanding them down"""

"I would never sand a ""high performance"" (lightweight) rim.

They have so little metal to begin with."

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Serge Utin (not verified)
larry&jeff's 2nd ave scratched my brand new wheel yesterday

i have the same exact problem. the mechanic at larry&jeff's 2 nd ave deeply scratched my brand new $700 bontrager race x light wheels yesterday. i am furious about the way my bike was treated that lead to the wheel being damaged espessially in view of the fact that the mechanic was asked to take extra care with it and NOT TO DAMAGE THE WHEELS!!! I sent a fax to Larry demanding he buy me a new wheel.

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etoian shurd-ulu warrior (not verified)

now you can go to r&a to finish off the job

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Etoshrdlu (not verified)
The above is a false post

Hey, I'm perfectly capable of doing my own trolling, thank you. If I catch you signing my name again to a post that is not mine, I will put a powerful Montenegrin curse on your bicycle and an even bigger one on your computer. If you think this is a joke, ask some of the people to whom it happened a few years ago.

Your Pal,
Etoain Shrdly

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Jim Melzer (not verified)
Sorry to hear about your wheels...

I too had a negative experience with one of the mechanics at Larry & Jeff's on 2nd avenue last year. His name is Benny. Next time if you go there deal only with James (Jamaican guy) he is very good and don't leave your bike overnight. Hopefully, Larry will rectify the problem. I know his reputation is important to him. Let us know what happens. Good luck!

FYI: I've decided to replace my rims.

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