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Anyone have any opinions about small, portable bike pumps? I'm looking to buy one but there are plenty of options and I could use some advice (CO2 or not, etc.). Thanks, Jimmy

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Sonny (not verified)
Have This One

I have this pump that I will give you if you want, good condition, sitting in a drawer now for a year. Have the frame mount, also small enough for a pocket.

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Chaim Caron (not verified)
Toepeak Road Morph

I've been using the Toepeak Road Morph for years and love it. It works very well. It has a little foot that swings out so you can step on it so you pump up and down as if it were a floor pump. It has a gauge which is quite accurate. And the company stands behind its product 100%. Rick Braun and I have both needed small parts for our Road Morph pumps and the company sent the parts out for free. I don't know if they will always do this, but they have. I even offered to pay for the parts and they refused. They are a 100% ok company! And this product is excellent. I recommend it very highly. I also have one of their floor pumps which is excellent.

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Chaim Caron (not verified)
PS About CO2 carts

About CO2 cartridges: there are different schools of thought but I say: why pay for something that you can get for free just by pumping? Besides, if you rely on CO2 cartridges, what happens if you have more flats than cartridges? You are dead sunk. With a pump, you just pump! You would have to bring a pump along just to be sure. But if you have a pump, what do you need the cartridges for? I say: just skip the cartridges.

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