garmin edge 305

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I'm considering one of these at the risk of giving up my beloved flight deck.
On paper it looks terrific though one downside is certain incompatibility of software on my Mac.
Any owners yet?

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Neile (not verified)
Garmin Announces GPS Product Support for Mac OS X


Ellen, I've asked our buyer to see if Tekserve can sell Garmins.


We already sell Tom Toms, but their most applicable product, the ""Rider"", is meant for motorcycles and scooters, not bicycles:"

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Ellen (not verified) you know if the Edge 305 software functions on OSX?

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Neile (not verified)
I'm not knowledgeable

I had been considering the purchase of a Garmin -- and running the software under Virtual PC -- but now I'm holding off till the Mac version ships.

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Sonny (not verified)
Sent it Back!

I had a Garmin Edge 305. I returned the unit because the altimeter was not working properly and thankfully, the store did not have a replacement unit and I got my money back.

I will not comment on the altimeter unit as it was not working. However, the GPS tracking portion was absolutely terrible. I live and work in midtown and could not get an acquisition signal until I got in to the park. When I left the park to go home, the unit would continually lose the signal and register no speed or distance. Even in the park, the unit continually lost the signal.

When you lose the signal, when the signal is picked up again, the unit approximates your distance and speed. This approximation is not done well. On the speed graph I downloaded to the computer, it would show speeds of 5000 MPH and because the graph is scaled, the entire rest of the ride looks like a straight line at the bottom. Of immense frustration is that the Garmin software that ships with the product does not include an editing function of the data like the Polar software. Polar is not always accurate and you get speed spikes around power lines but at least the software allows you to edit the data to make corrections.

I also used the unit in Spain. It continually lost the signal when there was not a tree, cloud or structure as far as the horizon could see (although this was along the coast and not in remote areas).

Overall I was disappointed and have happily returned to the Polar 725.

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af (not verified)
See reviews on mtbr with pro/con
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Jacopo (not verified)

I bought the Edge 305 and used it for the first time during last Saturday A19 SIG ride to Northvale.
So far I am happy about the device, although I expected better navigation capabilities.
You can find the ride recorded by the Edge here:

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