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I showed up early enough, for the ""B"" Leaderless ride
which was called for Sunday 9 am at the boat house.
No one showed and I finally left at 9:13 for laps and that was that.

Perhaps with all the confusion regarding yesterdays re-scheduling of the STS and SIG rides people just missed this one.

Perhaps a leader can be found for such a ride especially since some of the STS/SIG rides had a 3:1 ratio of leaders.

Just my 2 cents.

Rob Marcus"

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Neile (not verified)

"Those were ""structured improvisations"". I knew precisely how lost we were at all times.

Lead, follow or post. (In your case, all three.)

Glad you got a good ride out of it."

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Rob Marcus (not verified)
Hey Neile

You were always my motivation.
As long as I could see you in the front I was motivated.
Once I could not see you lead, I was LOST.

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Neile (not verified)
Mark H;

Forgive me for not complementing your cunningly crafted cerebration on Rob's quest.

Here we have a strong and hearty rider ... impeccably outfitted ... traversing the Park on a frigid March morning ... disparately searching the Boathouse for a ...

Synonym: baton, bellwether, big wheel, bigwig, boss, captain, chief, chieftain, commander, conductor, controller, counsellor, dean, dignitary, director, doyen, eminence, exec, foreman, forerunner, general, governor, guide, harbinger, head, head man, herald, honcho, kingpin, lead, lion, luminary, maestro, manager, master, notability, notable, number one, officer, pacesetter, pilot, pioneer, precursor, president, principal, rector, ringleader, ruler, shepherd, skipper, superintendent, superior

... smack in the midst of the SIG Orientation gatherings!

Surely, no greater irony can be found than in this solipsistic quandry.



Glad you hooked up with Marci and Cyna.

If you're looking for me, you'll have to beg your way into an A-SIG ... and bring a rear view mirror.

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