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I am looking to take a bike trip out west this summer but would love some feedback. Has anyone taken a trip that they like or disliked. Has anyone heard of Escape Adventures? Thanks for everyone's help.

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Derek (not verified)
Road or MTB?

I've heard of Escape and receive their catalogs.

I've been mtn. biking in Utah with Western Spirit. They run both road and mtn bike trips. I highly recommend them as they run a good trip and their guides are great. I did the 6 day Maze trip to Canyonlands National Park whic was spectacular with 5 nights camping. Sadly, there IS cell reception in the desert too.

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Jay (not verified)
Timberline, Denver CO hq

Had 2 positive experiences with them 1. Idaho & Montana 2. Colorado. I think VP Rides Fred S. also likes them.

Of course Backroads always runs a good trip-- a little pricey$$$

Let me know if u have any ?'s

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Jennifer Silver (not verified)

Approx. 5 years ago, I did the Escape 'Bryce to Zion' mountain biking trip - was totally awesome... single and double track and beautiful You can't mountain bike in Bryce or Zion, but I actually found the rides in the 'from bryce to zion' to be more beautiful than the actual state parks..

If you get their brochure, i've gotten coupons each year (i think around this time) for 10% off if you register early

Have fun.

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