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Hi, my name is Martyn & I'm in NYC for a few days next week. I would, if possible, like to go for a bike ride whilst here to keep up my training regime. I need to rent a bike & preferably have someone or a group to go out with. I'm due into NYC on Tuesday 7th March & leave on Sunday 12th March. I'm here for a course but have two & a half days free. I'm 41, reasonably fit (can sustain 20mph+ on training rides) and I can bring with me my pedals, shoes, clothing etc. if I know I can get a ride. If not, I'll enrol into the hotel gym to make do. Any takers?
Regards Martyn Taylor (Norwich UK).

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Carol (not verified)
Join us


There will be rides on Saturday, March 11. You could join either the B-17 STS (leader: Marci Silverman, 9:30 a.m. Central Park Boathouse), or the A-19 STS (leader: Fred Steinberg, 9:00 a.m. Central Park Boathouse). Which you choose depends on how fit you think you are. Both rides will be in the 50-60 mile range. Marci's ride will maintain about 16-17 m.p.h on flat terrain, while Fred's ride will maintain about 18-19 m.p.h. on flat terrain and will be the hillier ride.

Here's a list of bike shops that rent road bikes (it's a few years old, so it may not be totally accurate):

Pedal Pusher Bike Shop, 1306 Second Ave. (btwn 68th & 69th St), 212-288-5592

Larry & Jeffs, 1690 Second Ave. (87th & 88th St.), 212-722-2201

Gotham Bike Shop, 112 West Broadway (Duane & Reade Sts.) 212-732-2453

Chelsea Bicycles, 156 W. 26th St. (Sixth & Seventh Ave.), 212-727-7278

Bicycle Habitat, 244 Lafayette St. (Prince & Spring Sts.), 212-431-3315

A Bicycle Shop, 345 W. 14th St. (Eighth & Ninth Ave.), 212-691-6149

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Carol Wood (not verified)
How tall?

"I have a very fun 50cm aluminum Specialized Langster that you can borrow for the weekend. (I use it for commuting during the week.) It has a fixed/freewheel rear hub and a lot of mud, which I might clean off for you. Bike is in the East 30s.

The weather is going to be gorgeous!"

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Martyn Taylor (not verified)
Maybe I'm in luck!

"Carol, I'm 5'6"" with a 29"" inside leg so your bike will fit. What gear ratio do you use? I've ridden fixed (on the track) and freewheel before so there's no problem there. My hotel is on Water Street near Wall Street (Manhattan Seaport Suites). Speak later, need to get to work.


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Carol Wood (not verified)
Both are 48-18

About 71 gear inches.

Send me an email when you get here and I'll send my phone number. Bon voyage.

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