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The plan is for the A19 SIG to ride tomorrow. Bring your bikes.
If the NJ people report ice, we could alter the route, but dress for about 40 miles with a warming/food stop in the middle.

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Kara (not verified)

"Will it count as an absence if we come to the A19 meeting but don't ride - one wipe out on ice and my early tri season could be over :( Don't know if I really want to chance it especialy be a litle rusty from winter spin classes rather than rides- but don't want to ""upset the applecart""- so will ride if its really frowned upon."

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jim (not verified)
the roads are clear

I live in Englewood and the roads are clear enough to ride on.

I’ll be riding into the city, coming over the bridge @ 715.
I’ll let everyone know how the bridge is in the morning.
My bet is tomorrow will be a beautiful sunny day for our first ride.

Don’t miss it!

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bump (not verified)
sun for a19 (nm)
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Janet Nelson (not verified)

7:00AM----Weather currently forcast 23 degrees warming to 29 with wind of 11mph by 9:00AM and not much increase in temperature or reduction in wind by noon. Ice or no ice, the low temperature in my opinion is not prudent, we will be well below 19 degrees with wind chill. I do not want to chance being out for weeks due to a cold.....so I am out for today. Tommy Vitiello and Steve Kavellas, also signed, up feel the same way and will not be riding this week. We will be doing an indoor ride instead. See you next week, and we hope the missed ride is understood.

Thank you, Janet Nelson

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going (not verified)

The orientation is inside and can not be rescheduled. A prudent person can decide on the ride option.

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Joe Irizarry (not verified)
Tooooo Coooold

I'm in agreement with everyone, except for Jim. Sorry buddy.
I say we all go to the meeting. Get all signed up and listen to Ed and Christy's speeches. Then do a quick 4 laps in the park and get to our warm homes ASAP. Those will certainly be better miles than messing around with going to and from the GW bridge.

I don't want to risk any wind burns going over the GW. It's not worth it.

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bikesherpa (not verified)
Dress for it and you'll be fine

weather.com is calling for a beautiful (but windy), sunny day with a high approaching 40. Just put on some layers, especially around your extremeties and the front of your body, wear some good booties and gloves, something for your head, and you'll be good to go.

When you're prepared for it, riding in cold weather is a great - and part of the Sig experience!

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jim (not verified)
Not bad!

Thank you, and congratulations to everyone who kicked off the A-19sig today.
Everyone who was courageous enough to come out, enjoyed the ride. Right???
Yes it was windy and a little cold at the start, but this is March and its the sig. It’s still winter!
People shouldn’t expect warm comfortable weather yet. If we are lucky it will be warm and comfortable by graduation.
If I remember correctly... last year it was still pretty chilly for the graduation ride.

The leaders will cancel rides due to rain or snow, however we will not post the cancellation until the morning of the actual ride.
The decision to cancel usually is never made before 7am. We will post the decision at that time.


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antisocial personality disorder (not verified)
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Richard P. (not verified)

Sorry you are upset because you opted not to come out and ride, but please don't take it out on ride leaders.

I rode, they made a great decision, we all had a great time, sure it was cold, but I didn't feel my safety was in danger at any time because of conditions, and look at Tom's post from yesterday at 2:19pm, I don't recall a leader changing their mind on whether to ride or not...so please don't take out your frustation on them, for heaven's sake, they are volunteering for real and doing alot of work to organize this so we all can enjoy these rides!

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April (not verified)

"Interesting to read about the mental ""struggle"" going on in some of the SIG'ees. I made a half-hearted effort to join the SIG last season but never made it, for more or less the same, obvious reason. This season, I'm a lot more realistic and not bother to take up any space belonging to the more ""hardy"" riders.

To do 4 laps in the park, or for that matter 40 miles out over the GW bridge, it only takes the A-19 SIGees, what, ~2 1/2 hours? Why on earth start at 9 am when the temperature + wind chill is 20 degrees? Seems to me the first 2 weeks ride could easily starting at 12, which would eliminate a lot of these speculating the night before, and still finish in perfectly good time of the day!

But I'm the minority in the club. I actually have a winter activity (skiing) so I really don't have the time to ride twice a week so early in the season. No, I confess, I'm just not hardy enough to ride in the cold. Period. Yes, I would like to improve my riding by doing the SIG, but I'm not going to start riding in March. One spill on ice or wet pavement, the ENTIRE riding season could be wasted! So, I'm destined to forever stuck in mediocracy. And that's alright, too."

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