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Forecast conditions currently do not look good for a Saturday ride north of the city. Friday is not expected to get above freezing even in the city and Saturday morning will be cold with a distinct possibility of icy conditions. Sunday will be the warmer of the two days. Three others have emailed me expressing similar concerns, all looking to postpone the ride until Sunday.

Those considering this ride please post your thoughts here.

PS This is nothing new as for the prior two year the first STS-A23 ride was postponed until Sunday...

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Steve (not verified)
Cold Spring on a Cold Day

I agree with John's take. The possibility of ice, both black and white, is a very real concern. Also, the extra effort needed to just stay warm would make riding on Saturday a very taxing event.

I say Sunday.

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David C. (not verified)
Thanks and notice

I can work with Sunday and see certain benefits to it. My only plea would be to call the postponement earlier rather than later, since I have various arrangements that need to be changed. So thanks for starting this interchange now, and I hope to see you all on the road one day or the other.


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Matthias (not verified)
Sunday fine


I also think that Sunday is the better (safer) idea. And yes,
an early notice about the decision would be appreciated since
that will partly determine my beer intake tonight...


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