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I pre-registered for the A-Sig Classic this past week. However, I am unable to attend the orientation on Saturday 3/4. I'm an experienced rider as I've been a competive triathlete for years.

Is it possible to get the orientation info at a later date? Can I still participate with the A-Classic riders?


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Christy Guzzetta (not verified)

Sure, you can get the orientation info later. And yes, you can start on March 11th. But that first ride . . . . . meeting the leaders . . . . meeting the people you will be riding with . . . . getting into the flow of the SIG . . . . sure would be great if you could come to that first meeting.

Also, keep in mind, participants are only allowed to miss two rides during the series. Any more than that and we drop them from the A Classic SIG roster. Missing the very first ride will limit your flexibility.

Ah, c'mon, be at the meeting Saturday, March 4th.

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Stephen Baccarini (not verified)
Should we bring bikes with snow tires? (nm)
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sig (not verified)
Looks like it

Looks like the temps will fall tonight and stay below freezing until Saturday noon. So, skiis might just work!

If it is bad, the ride might be moved to Sunday, but the orientation would most likely stay sat, because that is when we have the school.

But, the #2 rule of the A-sig is a ride is never cancelled until almost the last minute, because the weathermen are usually wrong!

The #1 rule is Christy and Ed make the rules.

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