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In the weekly news and rides e-mail it says anyone who can complete 4 laps of central park in under 1:35 has enough fitness for the A-Sig classic. Is this accurate?

I signed up for the B-Sig figuring there is no way I could hang even with the A-Sig 19 but now I am confused.

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Donald (not verified)

Yes, it's accurate. As long as that's your sustainable pace, not your all-out-can't-go-any-farther pace.

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E-man (not verified)

If I can roll through 4 laps in less then 1:20 and then continue on for two+ more laps at the same pace is the B-Sig the wrong choice?

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Ivy (not verified)

"It depends. There are many differences between the A SIGs and the B SIG, average speed being the most obvious. Some of the other differences are distance, intensity, number of stops, philosophy, expectations, etc. You can pick up on these differences by reading the SIG descriptions on the website.

The B18 SIG typically has riders in your range, but so too do the A19 and A Classic SIGs. You need to consider what you want to get out of the SIG (as well as what you want to put into it). There is no ""right"" group for someone who can complete 4 laps in 1:20."

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sig (not verified)
times probably optomistic

If you can ride sub 1:20 in this cold weather, you would probably be fine in the A-classic. If you can average above 18mph alone, you would be comfortable in a group at 20, and the sigs gain speed over the session as the training gains set in.

My guess is that most people that complete the A19 are riding at a sub 1:30 level when the season starts, (or are in great shape, but don't have much experience riding a bike, so their times show drastic improvement during the spring.)

My opinion is that the B18 and A19 riders are probably in similar shape, with slightly different mentality. The Average A rider is a bit more into the speed and competition, so they are willing to ride a bit closer at speed and see less flowers.

I think the 1:50 and 1:35 times are based on the speeds that the A19 and A-classic start out. But the low starting speeds are more to be safe when learning to ride close, and not really based on underlying fitness. People that have trouble keeping up in the first few weeks get spit out pretty quickly as the skill levels come up and the leaders let the speeds rise.

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