Late opening for one person for tomorrow's wheelbuilding clinic.

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  • Late opening for one person for tomorrow's wheelbuilding clinic.
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One man's breathtaking chutspah could be another man's (or woman's) opportunity.

I teach one wheelbuilding class a year in which participants bring a rim, hub, and spokes, and leave 3-4 hours later, having learned to build, and having built, their own, perfectly built wheel.

This year's class was filled when someone asked me would I mind teaching him some other day. (Chutspah #1: I should give him 3-4 hours of my time.) I said I wouldn't take out the time for him alone; however, if he put together a class with three additional people, I would teach it.

He didn't; but he still wanted to I assembled a class for him. Then (Chutspah #2) he told me the starting time that was good for me and acceptable to everyone else interfered with the hours he preferred to ride so he asked me whether I could start the class a few hours later so he could get in his complete ride.

(Chutspah #3) He JUST wrote me--twenty-two and a half hours before the class that I put together and the hours I put aside for him--to inform me he is not coming.

So, my bitchiness aside, there is now one, belated, opening in the class. The class is at 11AM tomorrow, saturday, Feb. 25, on 63rd Street near Second Ave. If you would like to come and have the components to build a wheel (rim, hub, spokes), call me up to 11PM this evening at (212) 371-4700.

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Andy Elder (not verified)
Give him up!

Come on, Richard, you're dying to give us his name; let's have it, then! (Just kidding.)

Sorry to hear that you were put through the wringer like this--especially when you offer the class essentially as a favor and a service to fellow club members--but alas, people are people.

This all said, my wheels are in fine shape (thanks all the same) and I have neither the components nor the appropriate monies for the required wheelbuilding puzzle pieces. I do hope you can fill the opening, and a happy class (and smooth, fast wheels) to all. :)

Cheers, and looking forward to riding with you once you decide to emerge from your cozy cave come spring.


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Neile (not verified)
No good deed unpunished ...

Maybe Mordecai's angel will pay you a visit.

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