Saturday, 2/25 Putnam County Hardpack Ride

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Meet 8:30 GCT for the 8:53 train to Cold Spring. Hilly, off-road hardpack route, at least a cross bike is required. Total riding time of about 4 hours; bring food/water as there is no planned stop. Think A-23 speed, but off-road...

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chris o (not verified)
Every minute counts

CORRECTION: 8:51 Train to Cold Spring

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carl (not verified)
chimney hill?

if everone brings a mtn bike, I'd be happy to include a side trip to Chimney Hill off Dennytown Rd. (assuming I even make the ride, given that I'm meeting some friends from CT who are coming into the city tonight)

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John Z (not verified)

Probably impassable...

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Ron (not verified)

29°F at start. 9 mph wind from the SW
warming up to 38°F with a strengthening wind of 20 mph
Probably some ice and maybe a flurry or two.


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