Need a heart monitor bike mount and road morph pump mount

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Not as interesting as some other threads, but it would be great if someone could let me know if they have:

1) an extra bike mount for a heart monitor watch -- these used to come standard with the watch itself, but didn't with my last two. I'm tired of having to look at my wrist to get reads, especially when I have lobster gloves on!

2) an extra bike mount for a Topeak road morph pump. The little tab on mine broke somehow. It's a pain carrying the pump in my pocket and would be great to have it on the bike again.

write me at dcarr at and let me know what you'd like for either item and how we can make the transfer.

Many thanks in advance,

David C.

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rich (not verified)
road morph mount

I have one I'm not using (let me double check at home in my huge parts inventory to see if i still have it)


Call Bell. They make a nice little pump clip for their blackburn air sticks that is a lot smaller, simpler, and less clunky than the topeak road morph bracket. Yet it's very secure. The barrel sizes for the road morph & air stik are the same.


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Neile (not verified)
Contact Topeak for warranty replacement(s).

And/or check out the Nashbar/Performance, etc. catalogues for generic velcro replacments.

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Sonny (not verified)
Contact Topeak

My mounting bracket broke for my Road Morph pump when I crashed in December. Contact Topeak through their website and request a replacement. I got one in the mail free in less than 1 week.

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