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Hello bike activists,
Does anyone have pull with DOT or The City and can request that they schedule a spring 2006 maintenance run to re-paint the Central Park West bike lane? The paint has disappeared - how can one stay between the lines to safely avoid traffic if there are no lines?

thanks, y'all

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Anthony Poole (not verified)
I'd rather the DOT resurface the road

I'd rather see the DOT spend the money on resurfacing the road and then repaint, In the meantime, call 311 and complain about it.

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Jill (not verified)

Come on, Jack pick up that phone. You should have thought of that yourself!

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Jack (not verified)
Everyone call 311

Okay - everyone who reads this, please call 311.

Ask them to resurface and paint CPW..... or.....or else we;ll mve to New Jersey....

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hal eskenazi (not verified)
paint, eh?

well jack, i just might know the person who could get it done.
where exactly, and how manny coats, should i request?
resurfacing may be a little more difficult. maybe!
as always, at your service, hal

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