Heard rumors of a Harlem River drive bike path....

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Is this true that there is a bike path from the tri boro to the GWB? If so how do I get to it? Honestly just never seen it but someone told me there is a path along the water I can use.

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JP (not verified)

Hey! How are you?

Seems there is a route, tho I've never done:


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Ron (not verified)

It doesn't go all the way to the Triboro. It's pretty nice where you see the solid green line (the TA Century follows that route), but where the green line is broken it is in the process of being built. Near the Triboro it hits some very secluded and probably dangerous (crime-wise) spots where the surface is covered in sand. I went by there last spring and two guys that had been hiding somewhere started coming towards me where the path goes under the Willis Ave. bridge. Couldn't pedal away since it was all sand, got up to the bridge bikeway just in time. So now I never take the East River path beyond 120th.

If any of this has changed since last spring/summer, please correct me.

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