Judge Denies City's Injunction against Critical Mass

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"It ain't over yet, though.

City Rebuffed in Trying to Bar Mass Bike Rides

Calling the city's legal strategy against the ride ""highly irregular"" and ""as unnecessary as it is inappropriate,"" Justice Michael D. Stallman of State Supreme Court in Manhattan refused to bar an environmental group and four people from taking part in it, from gathering at Union Square Park beforehand, or from announcing the rides on the group's Web site, as the city had requested.

The city had also asked the judge to issue an unusual civil declaration, without a trial, that the environmental group, Time's Up, and the four individuals had ""criminal culpability"" for violating laws and regulations that carried penalties of fines and imprisonment. The judge also rejected that request.

Justice Stallman concluded his 24-page decision by urging city officials and the ride participants to work out their differences.


""We need to get back to a time pre-August 2004 when Critical Mass was able to ride their bikes in a cooperative ride with the N.Y.P.D.,"" Mr. Siegel said. ""This is the second time the city has attempted to stop the Critical Mass rides, once in federal court and now in state court, and both times their arguments were rejected. I would hope that the mayor and the police commissioner assume the needed leadership on this controversy and begin serious and substantial discussions to amicably resolve it.""


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Popeye Doyle (not verified)
No paypal, thanks.


How can I contribute without using Paypal?


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Carol Wood (not verified)
Here's where


To support the overall effort (from videotaping to court cases), you can send a check (tax-deductible) to:

Time's Up! Bicycle Legal Defense Fund
P.O. Box 2030
NY NY 10009

More info about Time's Up membership

Or to Freewheels, which is supporting individual cyclists who have been arrested:

FreeWheels Bicycle Defense Fund
c/o Mark Taylor
91R Meserole St.
Brooklyn, NY 11206


Both are worthy causes that need help.

Thank you. I am going to have spinach this evening in your honor.


BTW, the city immediately said it would appeal the ruling, even though lawyers have said that the judge's close reasoning on points of law would make appeal difficult.

I hear that when Time's Up! held a press conference this morning about the decision, the NYPD showed up outside its Houston St. space. One might hope for a more conciliatory response to the judge's ruling.

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Carol Wood (not verified)
The decision
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