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...I have an urge to go on a spending spree. I've got a 2004 Lemond Zurich (carbon on a steel spine) with Bontrager race wheels (stock). Trying to figure:-

1. How much weight I'd lose by buying a high end bike - say if I went crazy and blew $5000k? Also any recommendations on weighing a bike (I've no idea where I'm starting from with the Zurich)?

2. Any good recommendations on wheels - either as an upgrade to my Zurich or for new bike? I know everyone has the Mavic Ksyriums, but is that because they really are the best? I'm 190lbs but have had zero issues with the Bontrager wheels, and am familiar with the old conventional vs factory debate.

Any ideas / thoughts / ponderings on what I could blow my cash on (or not at all), would be appreciated.

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Pete Sightens (not verified)
Bike weight

Unless 190 lbs is your ideal weight, start by losing 10 lbs yourself (eat enough healthy/good food, train to maintain your power) and keep your money. Spend it on a new bike once you have lost those 10 lbs (or 15...).

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sbrain (not verified)

Ok - should have made it clear I expected that answer of course. It's going to be tricky to drop 10 to 15 lbs as I've been the same weight for a long time (10 years) and I'm actually riding at a decent amount already. I have some height and some build to go with the the weight, though could always drop some if I never drunk, always ate perfectly, of course.

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April (not verified)

$5000k (that is $5000,000) is a lot of money for ONE bike! You can probably get something made exactly for you!

I would hazard to guess something under 15 lb?

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Christian Edstrom (not verified)

You should take a trip to the Dolomites. Email me and I'll suggest a great itinerary.

[email protected]

- Christian

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Michael S (not verified)
Sign up for Zone Delivery

I at 180lbs myself with the build to carry it I would still try to trim myself before the bike.. Spend some coin on Zone delivery and drink less. See where you land

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Steve Baccarini (not verified)

Get some Zipp($$$) wheels 303's helps on climbing. Not so much on the flats.They have less rolling moment of inertia. Im over 200 lbs

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LynnB (not verified)
Urge to buy? Do you know the way to San Jose?

This is where I'd look, with so many great US custom builders in the show on March 3-5
And if you can't go, you can always travel virtually


Happy hunting


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Jeff (not verified)
Re: Recommendations on weighing a bike

This is like a math-bowl question or something that I can see people on this message board getting all excited over...

> Also any recommendations on weighing a bike
> (I've no idea where I'm starting from with the Zurich)?

How about you get on a scale and weigh yourself(~190 pounds), and then pick up the bike and weigh yourself again while holding the bike(~215 pounds)? Assuming you are not eating a steak and bean burrito or something while you do this little exercise, the bike's weight should be the difference of the two numbers (215 pounds - 190 pounds = 25 pounds).

If you happen to have two scales (maybe heavy duty kitchen scales would work best to keep get a more accurate reading) I suppose you could put each wheel of the bike on each of the scales and add the weights together as you just barely touch the bike to balance it.

My final suggestion would be to go to a local bike shop that has a spring scale where you could hang the bike from the scale. That seems like cheating though.

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sarcasm guy (not verified)

whoa! Slow down mathlete. I couldn't quite follow that.

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Robert Shay (not verified)
I too weigh 190 and am dropping about 15 now...

I have a high end bike that I like alot (Madone), not for its low weight, but more for its ridgidity. It doesn't flex as much as my $2,500 bike. The benefit for me is on longer rides and downhills. I feel that every ounce of power is going to the rear wheel and not lost on flex plus it is confidence inspiring on downhills.

I run 32 spoke Mavic rims. They are great especially around the tri-state area. I would upgrade if I consistently rode faster than 25 mph. My upgrade would be to a Bontrager x lite front wheel. I'd stick with a 32 spoke rear wheel due to my weight.

Hope this helps.


P.S. Your bike looks fine, stay with it. http://www.lemondbikes.com/2004_bikes/zurich.shtml#specs

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