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"Now that we've come to the end of the Hogwich series, albeit a week later than Todd originally planned, just thought I'd put out a public ""thank you"" to him for doing the series again this year. He probably can't take credit for the unusually mild winter weather (a subject for another thread), but we had a great series of rides through the winter months (so far) and many of us learned some new routes that include Nyack. Todd often says anyone could lead such rides, and Mordechai did a great job this week (thanks Mordechai!), but Todd did a great job of disciplining the group, taking us on new roads, and pacing us so that we gradually built up some good winter conditioning. So thanks for being there Sunday after Sunday at 8:30. And thanks to those regulars who helped make the series good too. See you on the road sometime soon!

David C"

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hogwich guy (not verified)
your welcome

i'm really glad you got a lot out of the series and it was nice seeing so many enthusiastic riders week after week who were such good sports and who had to put up with my moodiness.

so who won the king/queen of the little tor mtn climb this week? thanks again mordecai!


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David C (not verified)
King of the Hill

The King of the Hill (Little Tor) on Sunday was Mark (don't know his last name, but rides a yellow Cannondale, I think). I was less behind him than last time he did the Hogwich ride, which means that he disappeared from sight only halfway up the hill this time!

David C.

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Sienna (not verified)

Yes, and I was the first woman! Oh wait... I was the only woman.

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Stephen Crowe (not verified)
Great series

Thanks, Todd. And Mordechai for pinch-hitting today! This really was a great series for the off season.

While I found the 8:30 start time at the GWB to be a wee bit early for Sunday mornings, there's something to be said for getting back early. Today's ride to Little Tor (the whole hog) was 81 miles from my front door in Chelsea, and still I was home by 1:30, with time to actually enjoy the rest of the day.

Hope you'll repeat it again next year!

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Steve Weiss (not verified)
Hogwich Series

Well, I don't know who won KOM on Little Tor, but I can honestly say I was Lanterne Rouge for a good portion of the ride (especially on the uphill parts).

Again, ma chapeau to Todd and all who made the rides the reason to get out of bed on a cold winter's morn.


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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
Thanks, Todd!

Sometimes it was hard to get up so early, sometimes I left myself too little time to get to the bridge and had to push hard to be there by 8:30, but it was always worth it. And starting early has its rewards: we always got back early, so there was plenty of time to do other things the rest of the day.

On Sunday, after the climb up from Rockland Lake on 9W South, I hit 39 mph on the descent. That's on a 49x18 fixed-gear, which means that my cadence was briefly over 180 rpm. I wasn't bouncing in the saddle, and my legs felt in control. My spin is coming along nicely!

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