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Has anyone been to Barcelona and has advice they'd be willing to share on where to stay, how safe the city is for cycling and bike security, and other tips? I'm going in March to a bike camp in Rosas (northern Spain) and have allowed a few extra days in Barcelona. I've been there before but not with a bike.

thanks for any input. and yes, feel free to be jealous!

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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
A Barca lounger

The 1992 Barcelona Olymmpics road race was held out of town, in the rather arid, parched wine town, and environs, of San Sadurni.

Rather than biking in Barcelona or, for that matter, inland as the trip to Girona is, consider riding up the Costa Brava, the Mediterranean coast.

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Ed (not verified)

How close is Barcelona to Girona (Lance's home in Spain)? It looks semi-close by map. There was a good article on cycling in Girona in the NYT's Sunday, June 12, 2005 Travel Section #5, page 1. I passed through there. It was pleasent.

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Paul Gerber (not verified)
Girona is close and beautiful

Girona is just over an hour by train to Barca.
I lived in Girona for one year. It is a beautiful town, lovely people and needless to say excellent for cycling. I recommend spending every minute you can in the town.

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Cat (not verified)

Can you recommend a place to stay in Girona, or are there rooms for rent everywhere? In other words, do i need to plan in advance or can i just show up with my bike?!

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Anthony Donato (not verified)
Girona/Costa Brava

"I was supposed to do a cycling vacation trip to Girona last May... but my friends from Trek Travel influenced me to do Tuscany instead.

Here’s some info. that might help (ie. itineraries/ hotels/ etc.).

The tour goes to the heart of the Costa Brava and the Girona Pyrenees (w/ mountain passes over the Catalan mountain ranges near the shorelines).

They told me that the best time to go there is in May.
But.. March over there is still much warmer compared to NYC because you will be by the Mediterranean Sea.

Have fun & send me a post card.


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Paul G (not verified)
I would recommend a reservation

Girona is steadily growing in popularity with tourism. I would def get a reservation.
What is your price range? Hotel level (hostel, one-star, five-star, etc.)?


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