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Long shot, but you never know.
David H?


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Zoetemelk (not verified)
Are you talking about the old cartridge style that you don't

have to thread into the BB shell? I have seen them on Ebay - new old stock as a matter of fact. I have one in an old Vitus that I am eventually going to sell the parts from. Can you be more specific as to shich one you are looking for?

Which Mavic BB? For Campy Super record Square taper I assume?


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John Segal (not verified)

"It's the cartridge BB, which requires the botom bracket shell to be chamfered. And yes, they do turn up on e-bay from time to time, in various conditions. I'm watching one now, but hoping that I might find one locally.

It's for a Mavic 631 crank (sometimes referred to as the ""starfish"" crank).

Are you interested in selling yours? I also have a NR crank that I could use for this bike, an older Merckx that I bought on Ebay and am building up as a fixed gear.

Many thanks.


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Evan Marks (not verified)
Got one

Price - $0.02 (Like, when am I ever gonna use that thing again???)

Discount if you pick it up yourself. Shoot me an email.

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Christian (not verified)

Ok, none of my business, but you're not going to chamfer the bb of that new Merckx, are you???? Why not just use a Campy italian thread bb?

- Christian

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john segal (not verified)

already chamfered, bud.

i'll pick up evan, thanks!

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